I’ve Been Wrong Before, Glad I Was Again

Posted: February 13, 2010 by El Swann in Basketball, Clemson
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Sure, I will openly admit that I missed it big time. I thought the Tigers were packing it in. Even though last week’s prediction of 6-10 in ACC play is still possible, Purnell’s Tigers proved me wrong, and I am happy about it.

After the mid season slump, or as most might call it “typical Clemson basketball”, the Tigers rebounded and have won two straight and are back above .500 in conference. A welcomed change.

I was shocked at how easily Clemson pulled away from Florida State (77-67) and then how well they responded against Miami (74-66) after the Hurricanes made multiple runs during Saturday’s contest.

After reviewing both games, I don’t think it’s strictly poor shooting that has hampered the Tigers. No matter how large a lead Clemson can gather during the game, they appear destined to have multiple stretches of five or more minutes without a bucket. It comes down to execution on offense.

There are too many possessions given away with bad mistakes. It didn’t happen all that much in the past two games, but it’s still there. A prime example came during the beginning of the Florida State game. Clemson managed to only score nine points while holding FSU scoreless the first 4:40 of the contest. Instead of putting themselves in a commanding position, Clemson didn’t score again until it was a 9-8 ballgame some three minutes later. The top teams in the country rarely have those slumps, I see them too frequently with this Clemson team.

In the end, after going 2-0 this week, you have to like where the Tigers are sitting as compared to last week. Now Clemson gets to rest up for a good Virginia team. Those two square off on next Saturday and the Tigers get to rest but UVA has to play 3 games before then.

Virgina plays tonight, Monday, and Wednesday due to a postponed game against Maryland. I think their tired legs might be enough for Clemson to get to 7-5 before leaving the friendly confines of Littlejohn Colosseum.

I don’t know that this team has enough to make a big NCAA run, but I now think they can make it there. If the outside shooting can continue around the 42% mark that the Tigers shot against Miami they will be pretty tough to beat? If not, please see previous post.


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