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See Spiller’s Pepperoni Bust Being Built

Posted: April 21, 2010 by El Swann in Football

This is a bit disturbing and cool at the same time. Congrats to C.J. We can’t wait to follow your NFL career.


So Far, No Good

Posted: April 9, 2010 by El Swann in Basketball, Clemson

As far as I can tell the coaching search at Clemson doesn’t seem to be a high priority. Look, Terry Don is out there looking, but he is looking in all the wrong places. I thought it was bad when Al Skinner’s name was mentioned, but add to that the likes of Herb Sendek and this thing is beginning to be a joke. Clemson basketball will not be respected if you name either of these two, or anyone else with their lack of coaching skill to the head spot.

I understand that Clemson isn’t the most appealing basketball job in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but this is supposed to be a national search. Clemson should be a university that is willing to step up financially and get coach who can take our program to the next level. Sadly, that is not the case.

If all the names that have come out as being interviewed are correct, we might as well destroy Littlejohn and rebuild it and the program from the ground up. I hate that it appears so little is being done to make our program better. It’s going to be a tough sell if you have to rely on the scraps from other schools.

Clemson needs to take a top level coach from a top level school and pay the money to get it done. I assure you that if we don’t make a big hire the fan support will dwindle. At this hour, in my opinion, the Clemson University Athletic Director doesn’t appear to be interviewing coaches who can build on Oliver Purnell’s foundation. Isn’t that what we were told would happen a few days ago?

I challenge the Athletic Department and Clemson University to put their money where their mouth is. Clemson fans deserve to have a respectable basketball program. Oliver Purnell had us on the cusp of being a solid team year in and year out. We need a coach who can take it to the next level. Clemson should be a program that can challenge for the ACC title and compete in the NCAA tournament.

So far, the interview list is no good.

Clemson’s Purnell Bolts for DePaul

Posted: April 6, 2010 by El Swann in Basketball, Clemson, Predictions

It’s being reported this morning that Oliver Purnell will take the DePaul job later this afternoon. A press conference has been set up for 2:30 EST. It’s reported that DePaul is going to pay Purnell $15 million over 7 years and pay is buyout at Clemson.

This one is a tough one to swallow. I am a little surprised at Coach Purnell leaving. I know it’s difficult to be successful at Clemson, but Purnell was doing it the right way. Purnell took Clemson to three straight NCAA tournaments and was establishing Clemson as a mid to upper level ACC basketball team.

You could argue that Clemson has been more dedicated to basketball during the Purnell era than any other time in history. It doesn’t sound right saying that, “Purnell is leaving to go to DePaul.” For a moment I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke. The only thing I can figure is that Purnell felt he had reached the limit of what he could do at Clemson.

I guess those Clemson fans who but so much heat on Purnell for not winning an NCAA game got what they wanted. I wonder how those people really feel today given our basketball history and Purnell’s overall success. I for one, am not excited about having to look for a new coach. The best news is that the cupboard isn’t bare, but you never know. Players could decide to leave and this program could crash to the bottom of the ACC.

In my opinion, it’s time for Clemson to open up the checkbook and make an offer to a big name coach. The popular choice will be Brad Stevens, who just led Butler to the National Championship game. You can’t really argue with his history and as a game day coach he appeared excellent. I doubt that happens, but he will be on everyone’s radar after this year’s NCAA run.

My instant short list of coaches:

Brad Stevens (Butler) – Born in Greenville, SC Greenville Stands Behind Stevens

Johnny Dawkins (Stanford) – Ties to the ACC, Duke lineage

Ben Jacobson (Northern Iowa) – An unreal run in the NCAAs, looks the part, great game day coach

Shaka Smart (VCU) – Former Clemson assistant, great recruiter, fits recent hiring trend