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At Least They Get Paid

Posted: August 1, 2010 by sguerry in Football, Opinion
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As I walked through downtown Clemson this weekend, the number 28 was everywhere.
On jerseys, hats, posters, pictures, and anything else that a Clemson football fan could
want. No name was attached to the number, but I think it’s safe to say that CJ Spiller,
the now Clemson legend and Buffalo Bills running back was the inspiration for its

Recently, Alabama’s Nick Saban compared agents to pimps and seemed to be genuinely
ticked at these agents, but I think he forgot that he makes about 4 million a year and
coaches kids that do not get paid.

The NCAA has been taking a stand against agents and illegal contacts with players, but
the more they stand on their moral high horse, the more the NCAA is exposed as being
hypocritical. The SEC just signed a huge ESPN contract, teams are switching conferences
based on TV market size, and college football is quickly becoming the number 2 sport in
the country behind the NFL. While Nick Saban is cashing his 4 million dollar paycheck,
Mark Ingram is getting a free education. Between the 5am workouts, “voluntary” summer
workouts, and everything that goes into being a college athlete, it is debatable how free
that education really is.

Now I am not proposing for players to get paid, because I see no fair way to do this
because you would have to pay all athletes on all teams. You can’t pay the football
players, but then tell the members of the rowing team that their time is not as valuable,
but CJ Spiller can be paid for the thousands of kids walking around with his jersey. If
players were allowed to receive a cut of the merchandise that they are selling, it would
be a much more fair system. Now Spiller does not have to worry about money, as he was
high draft pick, but let’s take a look at Clemson’s other most popular athlete this century:
Woody Dantzler. His number 1 was everywhere, even being worn by Lil Bow Wow
in a rap video, but he never collected a dime for it. Now Dantzler is playing in the IFL
probably making $250 per game.

As long as the NCAA is expanding like the Roman empire and using these kids as their
laborers, I think it is time for them to take a look at fairly compensating the athletes that
are building their empire. Nick Saban thinks the problem is the agents, but at least they
are helping the kids pay their bills. He calls the agents pimps, which would make the
players prostitutes, but in the real world, at least they get paid.

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