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Paws and Reflect Episode #2

Posted: June 16, 2010 by El Swann in Clemson, Football, Paws and Reflect, Xbox

In this week’s episode we take a look at the new NCAA 2011 game by EA Sports. This year the game includes team entrances into their stadiums. This has been an area that Clemson fans have wanted added for years. That’s right Tiger fans, you get to see the team run down the hill.

I thought the game play was slightly improved over last years game. Fortunately, Clemson was selected to be a featured team on the demo. Check out the attached video for an exclusive look at the Tiger’s entrance.


Conference expansion is at a peak right now. It appears we are only moments from the fallout of Colorado leaving the Big 12 for the PAC-10. I am guessing this thing is about to take off. It sort of feels like Christmas as we wait for the dominoes to fall. It will be very interesting to say the least.