At Least They Get Paid

Posted: August 1, 2010 by sguerry in Football, Opinion
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As I walked through downtown Clemson this weekend, the number 28 was everywhere.
On jerseys, hats, posters, pictures, and anything else that a Clemson football fan could
want. No name was attached to the number, but I think it’s safe to say that CJ Spiller,
the now Clemson legend and Buffalo Bills running back was the inspiration for its

Recently, Alabama’s Nick Saban compared agents to pimps and seemed to be genuinely
ticked at these agents, but I think he forgot that he makes about 4 million a year and
coaches kids that do not get paid.

The NCAA has been taking a stand against agents and illegal contacts with players, but
the more they stand on their moral high horse, the more the NCAA is exposed as being
hypocritical. The SEC just signed a huge ESPN contract, teams are switching conferences
based on TV market size, and college football is quickly becoming the number 2 sport in
the country behind the NFL. While Nick Saban is cashing his 4 million dollar paycheck,
Mark Ingram is getting a free education. Between the 5am workouts, “voluntary” summer
workouts, and everything that goes into being a college athlete, it is debatable how free
that education really is.

Now I am not proposing for players to get paid, because I see no fair way to do this
because you would have to pay all athletes on all teams. You can’t pay the football
players, but then tell the members of the rowing team that their time is not as valuable,
but CJ Spiller can be paid for the thousands of kids walking around with his jersey. If
players were allowed to receive a cut of the merchandise that they are selling, it would
be a much more fair system. Now Spiller does not have to worry about money, as he was
high draft pick, but let’s take a look at Clemson’s other most popular athlete this century:
Woody Dantzler. His number 1 was everywhere, even being worn by Lil Bow Wow
in a rap video, but he never collected a dime for it. Now Dantzler is playing in the IFL
probably making $250 per game.

As long as the NCAA is expanding like the Roman empire and using these kids as their
laborers, I think it is time for them to take a look at fairly compensating the athletes that
are building their empire. Nick Saban thinks the problem is the agents, but at least they
are helping the kids pay their bills. He calls the agents pimps, which would make the
players prostitutes, but in the real world, at least they get paid.

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Paws and Reflect Episode #2

Posted: June 16, 2010 by El Swann in Clemson, Football, Paws and Reflect, Xbox

In this week’s episode we take a look at the new NCAA 2011 game by EA Sports. This year the game includes team entrances into their stadiums. This has been an area that Clemson fans have wanted added for years. That’s right Tiger fans, you get to see the team run down the hill.

I thought the game play was slightly improved over last years game. Fortunately, Clemson was selected to be a featured team on the demo. Check out the attached video for an exclusive look at the Tiger’s entrance.

USA vs England Lego Treatment

Posted: June 14, 2010 by El Swann in Soccer

Some things just have to be shared. Even though this isn’t really Clemson related, I thought many of you would enjoy it. I wouldn’t mind seeing some C.J. Spiller plays in Lego form. I guess these guys have plenty of time on their hands.

Conference expansion is at a peak right now. It appears we are only moments from the fallout of Colorado leaving the Big 12 for the PAC-10. I am guessing this thing is about to take off. It sort of feels like Christmas as we wait for the dominoes to fall. It will be very interesting to say the least.

Low Country Recruit Headed To Clemson

Posted: June 2, 2010 by El Swann in Clemson, Football

Evan McKelvey

Berkeley High School

Height: 6-1 Weight: 185

Senior Season: 5 INT, 142 Tackles, 8 PBU

40 Yard Dash: 4.52 – Top 5 in state in 110 hurdles

Tall, rangy kid that covers the field sideline to sideline. Biggest plus is he plays very downhill. While he covers the entire field passing – wise, his ability to support the run is what separates him from the rest. He has a unique, natural ability to make tackles. He is definitely not afraid of contact. He has great insticts and football knowledge. I can see him fitting in well at free safety down the road.

Even though he weighs 185lbs, he may be too thin to make an early impact. He has some maturing to do physically, and once he gets on a workout program and meal plan, he will gain the necessary weight. In my opinion, he will need a red shirt year to add the needed weight to play at this level.

He is the third brother that will play at the collegiate level and has tremendous potential. McKelvey will most likely enroll in August, but could have to enroll later. At this point, McKelvey could end up being a nice late acquisition for the Clemson Tigers. I will update you later once everything is finalized.

C.J. SpillerMaking the comparison between C.J. Spiller and Reggie Bush is the natural tendency for many pundits and football aficionados. It is simply the easiest  comparison to make considering Spiller is the only athlete in college football history to equal Bush’s career numbers: 3000 rushing yards, 1500 yards in kickoff returns, 1000 receiving yards, and 500 yards in punt returns. Normally, such a comparison to an athlete once thought of as the clear-cut number one NFL draft pick would seem like the ultimate football compliment. Unfortunately for Spiller, Bush has failed to live up to the hype surrounding him since his selection at the number two overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft by the current-champion New Orleans Saints.

No one should question Spiller’s decision to return to Clemson for his senior season, which he ended as the 2009 Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year and amassed a total of 2508 yards from scrimmage on 264 touches – an astonishing 9.5 yards every time he touched the football. Perhaps the most impressive statistic for Spiller’s final season was his average of 270 yards-per-game in Clemson’s four games against top-15 opponents. Considering his lingering injuries throughout the 2009 season, his numbers appear even more impressive. A nagging turf toe injury hampered his play during the entire season, yet he continued to impress every week which allowed him to finish sixth place in the Heisman Trophy voting.
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See Spiller’s Pepperoni Bust Being Built

Posted: April 21, 2010 by El Swann in Football

This is a bit disturbing and cool at the same time. Congrats to C.J. We can’t wait to follow your NFL career.

So Far, No Good

Posted: April 9, 2010 by El Swann in Basketball, Clemson

As far as I can tell the coaching search at Clemson doesn’t seem to be a high priority. Look, Terry Don is out there looking, but he is looking in all the wrong places. I thought it was bad when Al Skinner’s name was mentioned, but add to that the likes of Herb Sendek and this thing is beginning to be a joke. Clemson basketball will not be respected if you name either of these two, or anyone else with their lack of coaching skill to the head spot.

I understand that Clemson isn’t the most appealing basketball job in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but this is supposed to be a national search. Clemson should be a university that is willing to step up financially and get coach who can take our program to the next level. Sadly, that is not the case.

If all the names that have come out as being interviewed are correct, we might as well destroy Littlejohn and rebuild it and the program from the ground up. I hate that it appears so little is being done to make our program better. It’s going to be a tough sell if you have to rely on the scraps from other schools.

Clemson needs to take a top level coach from a top level school and pay the money to get it done. I assure you that if we don’t make a big hire the fan support will dwindle. At this hour, in my opinion, the Clemson University Athletic Director doesn’t appear to be interviewing coaches who can build on Oliver Purnell’s foundation. Isn’t that what we were told would happen a few days ago?

I challenge the Athletic Department and Clemson University to put their money where their mouth is. Clemson fans deserve to have a respectable basketball program. Oliver Purnell had us on the cusp of being a solid team year in and year out. We need a coach who can take it to the next level. Clemson should be a program that can challenge for the ACC title and compete in the NCAA tournament.

So far, the interview list is no good.

Clemson’s Purnell Bolts for DePaul

Posted: April 6, 2010 by El Swann in Basketball, Clemson, Predictions

It’s being reported this morning that Oliver Purnell will take the DePaul job later this afternoon. A press conference has been set up for 2:30 EST. It’s reported that DePaul is going to pay Purnell $15 million over 7 years and pay is buyout at Clemson.

This one is a tough one to swallow. I am a little surprised at Coach Purnell leaving. I know it’s difficult to be successful at Clemson, but Purnell was doing it the right way. Purnell took Clemson to three straight NCAA tournaments and was establishing Clemson as a mid to upper level ACC basketball team.

You could argue that Clemson has been more dedicated to basketball during the Purnell era than any other time in history. It doesn’t sound right saying that, “Purnell is leaving to go to DePaul.” For a moment I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke. The only thing I can figure is that Purnell felt he had reached the limit of what he could do at Clemson.

I guess those Clemson fans who but so much heat on Purnell for not winning an NCAA game got what they wanted. I wonder how those people really feel today given our basketball history and Purnell’s overall success. I for one, am not excited about having to look for a new coach. The best news is that the cupboard isn’t bare, but you never know. Players could decide to leave and this program could crash to the bottom of the ACC.

In my opinion, it’s time for Clemson to open up the checkbook and make an offer to a big name coach. The popular choice will be Brad Stevens, who just led Butler to the National Championship game. You can’t really argue with his history and as a game day coach he appeared excellent. I doubt that happens, but he will be on everyone’s radar after this year’s NCAA run.

My instant short list of coaches:

Brad Stevens (Butler) – Born in Greenville, SC Greenville Stands Behind Stevens

Johnny Dawkins (Stanford) – Ties to the ACC, Duke lineage

Ben Jacobson (Northern Iowa) – An unreal run in the NCAAs, looks the part, great game day coach

Shaka Smart (VCU) – Former Clemson assistant, great recruiter, fits recent hiring trend

Broken Glass Everywhere

Posted: March 29, 2010 by El Swann in Basketball

For some reason, I started thinking about shattered backboards and decided to compile a number of them in a post. I found a number of them that I remember and one of Micheal Jordan that I had never seen. I can’t get enough of these especially the ones that took place during live games.